• STX, the native token of Stacks Network, has gained 23% in March and is up 350% over the past year.
• The project is set to undergo an upgrade later this year to further speed and scalability.
• Stacks is a Bitcoin layer 2 protocol for smart contracts that’s attempting to transform and extend Bitcoin’s functionality from its widely known role as an alternative payment system to a more versatile platform that is programmable.

STX Token Gains In March

STX, the native token of Stacks Network, has seen remarkable growth in March with gains of 23%, reaching $1.25 – the token’s highest level since a year ago. With a market capitalization above $1 billion, STX is now the second top-performing digital asset over the month of March behind XRP, according to data from Messari. The token’s gains have brought its valuation to $1.5 billion and are set to continue with an upcoming upgrade later this year which will further speed and scalability on the network.

Stacks Network Overview

Stacks Network provides users with a solution for creating Bitcoin Ordinal non-fungible tokens (NFT). It also offers a layer 2 protocol for smart contracts that seeks to transform Bitcoin’s functionality from an alternative payment system into a more versatile platform that is programmable. Since its launch in 2019, 650,000 NFTs have already been minted on Stacks layer 2 services.

The SEC Qualified Token Offering

In 2019, STX became the first token distributed through a SEC qualified token offering – allowing individuals in all 50 U.S states and certain foreign countries outside of the U.S., to purchase tokens at market prices during certain times approved by regulators before they began trading on exchanges officially listed by SEC authority bodies such as FINRA or OTC Markets Group Inc.. This helped increase adoption rates amongst retail investors who could not previously access cryptocurrency markets due their lack of access or knowledge regarding these offerings prior.

Growing Demand For Crypto Assets

The increasing demand for crypto assets across both traditional institutional investors and retail traders has helped drive up overall market prices for many coins including STX which has benefited significantly from news surrounding its SEC qualified offering status last year as well as investor confidence in projects related to it such as Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs being launched on its platform .


With these factors having driven up prices for STX significantly since last year – it would appear that investor confidence in Stacks network remains strong despite any potential regulatory issues surrounding it in future months or years – giving way to further potential upside potential going forward into 2021/2022 periods depending on how events play out across global cryptocurrency markets during this time period

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