• The Bitcoin network is facing an issue with high transaction fees.
• Rising fees are caused by the increased use of non-fungible tokens and BRC-20 token standards.
• Fee rates are still relatively low compared to other payment methods, but more options need to be explored for Bitcoin to scale.

Bitcoin Network Facing Higher Transaction Fees

The Bitcoin network is experiencing a crisis due to high fee rates, which have been driven up by the increased usage of inscriptions and BRC-20 token standards. As of now, getting a bitcoin transaction sent in a reasonable time frame would cost approximately 100 satoshis per vByte. This fee rate is much higher than what was possible before, when it was as low as 1 satoshi per vByte.

Why Are Fee Rates So High?

The Bitcoin blockchain has always operated with scarce blockspace, meaning that it can only process so many transactions at once. With more people using bitcoin and its associated technologies, the demand for blockspace has risen significantly, resulting in higher fee rates. This issue was even a source of contention during the Blocksize Wars from 2015-2017 that ultimately led to the introduction of Segregated Witness (SegWit).

Impact on Crypto Users

These increasing fee rates have understandably upset many crypto users who are not used to paying such high costs for transactions. Even though these fees are still comparatively lower than those charged by other payment systems, users have grown increasingly concerned about how this will affect their ability to use cryptocurrency in the long run if billions of people start using it regularly.

Exploring Better Solutions for Scaling

In order for bitcoin to scale effectively through layer 2s, new solutions must be explored that offer greater clarity around the tradeoffs between different approaches to using cryptocurrency. More options need to be available so that users can make informed decisions about which approach will best suit their needs without incurring excessive fees or waiting long periods of time for their transactions to be confirmed on the blockchain.


Bitcoin’s current situation highlights just how important it is for developers and users alike to think carefully about how they use and develop on top of this powerful technology in order ensure its long term success and scalability. Although there is no single “perfect” custodial solution yet, exploring these potential solutions now will help ensure that scaling remains manageable should adoption continue to surge in popularity over time

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