This tutorial is to demonstrate how to change the language of LibreOffice on an Linux operating system. The language settings in LibreOffice does not just be reflected in menus in the application as well as enable you to receive auto-corrected suggestions for the target language However, these settings can be set independently of one another. Follow the instructions below to begin.

In this tutorial , you will be taught:

  • How can I modify the default language in LibreOffice?
  • How do I add additional languages to LibreOffice

How do you change the language of LibreOffice? step-by-step instructions

  1. Start by beginning by opening LibreOffice. In this instance we’ll configure the language settings within LibreOffice Writer. But, the menus and settings appear similar throughout all LibreOffice applications, including Writer Calc, Math Draw, Base and so on. You can also open the LibreOffice launcher that allows users to modify settings across all applications. Open the LibreOffice launcher
  2. If you are in the program you want to open, go to the Tools > Options. Open the Options menu in the LibreOffice application.
  3. Then, go to the Languages Next, click on the Languages tab. There are options to change the language used by your user interface the locale and the language used in your document (mainly to get the correct suggestions for auto-correction). You can also use the checkbox at the bottom of the page to apply the settings to only your current file. The language used by the user interface, locale and the document in LibreOffice.
  4. Once you’re happy with the adjustments Click Apply and then OK to close from the menu of settings. LibreOffice will remind for you to return to the app that the modifications to be effective. We need to restart LibreOffice in order to check the new language settings.

NOTE If you want to enable suggestion for spell checking for a specific language, take a look at our tutorial on how to enable spell check in a language in LibreOffice

Installing additional languages into LibreOffice

Are you unable to find the language you want in the menus that we went through? You have several alternatives in order to set up the language you require.

The first step is to manually install the you’d like to use LibreOffice edition using the official LibreOffice download page . This allows you to choose the language you require. Downloading your desired language on the LibreOffice download page. LibreOffice download page.

Alternately, all Linux distros will allow you to install languages from the package manager. For instance, this script on Debian or Ubuntu systems will show many different languages that are installed on LibreOffice. $ apt-search libreoffice Language packs available that can be installed to LibreOffice Find the require and install it (for instance, to install an Italian the language packs):

Once it is installed, go back and repeat the step by step instructions from the first section of the tutorial.

The Italian language has been set up for the interface of users in LibreOffice

Closing Thoughts

In this guide we looked at how to alter the language used in LibreOffice on the Linux system. This applies to the menus for users and user interfaces locale,, and spelling checker or document language for all applications of LibreOffice. LibreOffice suite. We also were taught how to install other languages via the system package manager or download a specific version on the official website in the language you want to use.

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