• CoinDesk staff have apologized to Alex Grebnev for a story that was published on 25 May 2023 which contained incorrect information.
• The article alleged misconduct by Mr. Grebnev in relation to a 2020 US$750,000 option agreement which is currently the subject of a lawsuit in the High Court in London.
• CoinDesk has taken down the article and has since apologised unequivocally for their error.

CoinDesk Apologizes to Alex Grebnev

On 25 May 2023, CoinDesk published a story entitled “Alameda-Backed ‘Samcoins’ CEO Alex Grebnev Sued by Coin Telegraph Owner Gregory Fishman” which contained incorrect information. This mistake has since been rectified, with CoinDesk apologizing unequivocally for their error.

Claims in the Litigation

The individuals involved are engaged in a lawsuit (a claim and counterclaim) in the High Court in London relating to the meaning and effect of a 2020 US$750,000 option agreement. The claims made do not allege any misconduct by Mr. Grebnev stated in our story.

Correction Made

CoinDesk has taken down the article and shall not republish it. They have set the record straight and apologize for their mistake.

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