Request Network Advantages and Disadvantages

The REQ coin is not alone in its efforts to break PayPal’s quasi-monopoly. OmiseGo has a similar approach. The Coins Populous and TenX approach this topic differently, but there could also be competition here. Surely the strongest opponent is still PayPal itself. Should the team however offer the better alternative, it looks very good for the prognosis.

The development is not finished yet, so there is no minimum viable product available to test the crypto currency. You might want to be careful before you start buying the Request Network Coin.

Request Network Course and the Bitcoin revolution

The Request Network Coin could be traded at the end of October 2017. At the Bitcoin revolution one coin cost 3 cents. In November 2017, the price fluctuated between 3 and 5 cents. In the following December the price went up, in the first two weeks of the Bitcoin revolution the coin reached values of 20 cents. In the last weeks of December, it was up to 30 cents.

January 2018 there was a real rally on the crypto currency. Already in the first week the coin was quoted at up to 88 cents. Then, in the course of January, the Request Network rate dropped, first to 50 cents, then 30 cents at the end of the month. After the price had reached its low for this year of 17 cents on February 6, the price rose to over 20 cents.

The Request Network forecast: If the development of the platform can continue without problems and the team is able to reach its goals, then the Reqest Network has the chance to push PayPal from the throne and compete with the other crypto currencies. But there is still a long way to go. In the meantime the price can fall or rise again and again, that will probably depend on the mood in the market.

Create Request Network Wallet with the Ethereum code

The crypto currency is an ERC20 token. This means that it can be stored on Ethereum code wallets that are designed to store ERC20 tokens. So far, this is the only option, because a Request Network Wallet does not yet exist. One of these alternatives is the MyEtherWallet, one of the most common wallets for ERC20 tokens. This can be created on the website of the Ethereum code wallet. The keystore file, the private key and the password should be kept in a safe place. They should make it easy to create the keystore file.

Where can I buy the Request Network?
You can buy Request Network Coin on Binance, Koinex, Huobi, KuCoin, Kiqui,; EtherDelta, YoBit, Bancor Network, COSS and Mercatox. Usually only the exchange against Bitcoins or Ether is possible. With Fiat currencies you can buy the REQ coin on, YoBit and Liqui.

Conclusion Request Network
REQ Coin has a strong team and a well thought-out concept. There is great potential in the network, but it must expect some competition. However, if Request Network should prevail, it could become the payment service par excellence.

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Bitcoin share price rises after Blackrock announcement

For several days now, positive headlines and exorbitant Bitcoin forecasts have been accumulating. The Bitcoin course is finally gaining speed again today.

Blackrock – Investment Management Group in the Bitcoin Market
The US investment management group BlackRock has started to investigate the crypto currency market to find out how to take advantage of the rapidly growing market.

Bitcoin Profit ist a good company

BlackRock, the world’s largest and most important asset management company, has announced the establishment of a working group to explore ways to integrate crypto currency into its business model. The working group will examine their competitors and their Is Bitcoin Profit a Scam? Beware, Read our Review First use of crypto currency to determine whether they should invest in bitcoin.

Blackrock is the largest provider of passive exchange-traded funds, with $1.5 trillion in its own iShares fund managed by Blackrock. It is clear that the world’s largest asset manager does not make hasty decisions, so the decision to explore the crypto currency market is huge news.

The Bitcoin Revolution course reacts

The news about the traditional institution was tough. The Bitcoin price currently has an increase of around three percent. Right now, the price appears to be moving sideways between resistance at $6,800 and support at $5,800. The price is currently above the moving averages and has once again reached positive momentum for days. But there is an important Bitcoin Revolution hurdle to overcome at $6,800. As you can clearly see in the RSI, we have reached overbought conditions so that the market reflects the exhaustion of buyers and the price could consolidate somewhat in the near future.


Bitcoin Chart from TradingView

Positive headlines are accumulating
Last week we reported that a SEC-approved Bitcoin ETF filed by the CBOE will be voted on in the coming weeks. The Bitcoin ETF, also known as the „Holy Grail of the crypto currency market“, is so important because, unlike futures, the respective shares must be physically covered with Bitcoin.

While the „big media“ have reported that the bubble burst since early 2018, the CTO of Coinbase emphasizes how important the crash phases in bitcoin and crypto currencies are so that developers can continue to expand the infrastructure. During the all-time high, nearly 500,000 daily transactions were recorded, which put an immense strain on the network. Now that the hype has subsided, developers can get back to solving scalability problems. These phases have been repeated for years and are crucial for the success of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

The announcement by BlackRock and the upcoming Bitcoin ETF will increase the pressure on the remaining Wall Street giants who want to benefit from the booming crypto currency market in the future.

He publishes crypto trading app

Börse Stuttgart financed subsidiary publishes crypto trading app
By Patrik Eberle – 14 April 20181

One of the largest German stock exchanges (Stuttgart Stock Exchange) announced yesterday that it will introduce a crypto currency trading app this year. Sowa Labs, a subsidiary of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, announced that its application will offer trading in several of the largest crypto currencies by market capitalization.

trading app

Prototype of the new Krypto Trading App presented in Stuttgart
The new app is called Bison and will be available for download from September this year. One of the most exciting features of the application is its low cost. The download is free, and according to Bank Innovation, trading will also be commission-free.

A test version of the application will be presented at a trade fair in Stuttgart this week. Currently there are the possibilities to trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether and Ripple. The Bison homepage* mentions that further crypto currencies are planned after the publication in September.

The focus of the app seems to be on enabling users to enter the world of crypto currencies as easily as possible. The Bison app has been optimized for fast and effortless trading. Dr. Ulli Spankowski, Managing Director of Sowa Labs:


In addition to the free trading model, Sowa Labs also offers the first users interested in the Bison application the opportunity to win prizes in crypto currencies. Those who register now will be added to the „VIP List“ and have the opportunity to win prizes in the form of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. All you have to do is enter your email and your first name. You can register for the competition under this link*.

The Stuttgart Stock Exchange
The scamcontrol Stock Exchange is the second largest German stock exchange after the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. This company acquired a 100 percent interest in Sowa Labs last December. The exact amount for the Fintech start-up is unknown, but according to Waters Technology it was a „seven-figure“ deal. It seems that more and more institutional figures are interested in crypto currencies, and with this step the Stuttgart Stock Exchange is now a pioneer in the German-speaking world.

Yahoo Japan plans its own crypto exchange
Coincidentally, the introduction of bison is not the only news that a major institution is entering the crypto business. Yahoo! Japan also has plans to enter the industry. Although the Internet giant will not put its platform into operation until April 2019, preparations are already underway.

Yahoo! Japan will initially acquire a 4o percent stake in the existing BitARG stock exchange. According to reports, this will cost around 2 billion yen – around 19 million dollars. BitARG is already fully operational and has the approval of the Financial Services Agency in Japan. They are currently one of 16 digital currency exchanges supported by the Japanese regulatory authority.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple – Course Analysis

Bitcoin course moves within an ascending channel
The SEC Chairman’s statements have somewhat alleviated regulatory concerns in the industry
The oscillators on the long-term chart also point to an upswing
Bitcoin is still moving around support at $6,500 to signal that buyers are defending this level after regulatory fears have eased.

Technical indicators Signals
The 100 SMA could thwart the 200 SMA from top to bottom in the near future, so another downward pressure could be expected. The Bitcoin course moves within an ascending channel. BTC is currently in the middle of the channel and seems to be approaching channel support at $6,500. The RSI shows a value of 46 and reflects the short-term downward trend in the channel pattern. Interestingly, the RSI forms higher highs and higher lows, so that an increase towards channel resistance is quite possible. The channel resistance is at $6,800 and the MACD has recovered and entered neutral territory.

market factors

market factors
The crypto currencies received a strong boost from the statements of the head of the Division, William Hinman, that Ethereum and Bitcoin are not securities that should be regulated like shares.

„In my understanding of the current state of the ether, the Ethereum network and its decentralized structure, current offers and sales of ether are not securities transactions.“

Despite yesterday’s manipulation debate, the crypto market has gained value and the importance of regulatory status has been recognised.

Ethereum Prize Highlights
Ether rises and recovered above $500
There was a breach across a large bearish trend line on the hourly chart with a resistance at $482
Ethereum could lose some points, but it’s likely to stay above the $480 mark
Technical indicators Signals
There was a decent level of support at $445. The price began a rally and managed to move above the $460 and $480 resistance levels. There were positive movements that put bullish pressure above $500. More importantly, the breach above a large bearish trend line with a resistance of $482 on the hourly chart. This suggests that there may be further gains above $500 in the near future.

Ethereum Chart from Bitcoin Trader

Ethereum price analysis
Looking at the chart, the price recovered from the $446 low. If the recent upswing continues, there could be further gains above $520. On the downside, the initial support is $500, followed by $480. MACD is gaining momentum in the bullish zone. The RSI positive Bitcoin Trader review has exceeded the 50 mark with positive signs. Ethereum, like Bitcoin, has of course benefited from the SEC Chairman’s statement and can be sure not to be declared a security.

Ripple Price Highlights
The Ripple price gained upward momentum as it kept support at $0.5000
An upward channel is forming on the hourly chart with support at $0.5400
XRP should approach $0.5800 in the short term
Technical indicators Signals
After falling close to $0.5,000, the Ripple price found support against the US dollar. The price hit a low at $0.5035 before the buyers showed up and triggered a rally. XRP climbed and moved over the resistance zones at $0.5200 and $0.5400. Currently, the price is trying to close above the 100-hour SMA and $0.5600. The hourly chart is also forming an upwards channel with support at $0.5400.

Ripple Chart from TradingView

Ripple price analysis
Looking at the chart, the current price development is positive above $0.5400. A break in resistance at $0.5800 could pave the way for a surge above $0.6000. The MACD is moving back into the bullish zone. RSI has passed the 50s mark. The highest support level is $0.5400, while the resistance is $0.5800.

The explanation of the terms of the technical analysis can be found under this link.

Note: This is not a buy recommendation but merely the opinion of the analyst. Technical analyses do not guarantee success in trading. Crypto currencies sin

The biggest difference between Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was formed on August 1, 2017 as the first hard fork from Bitcoin Blockchain. The biggest difference between Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC) is the increased block size within your own block chain. The block size was directly increased to 8MB when Bitcoin Cash was created (on August 1, 2017), while Bitcoin, the forefather of Bitcoin Cash, activated Segregated Witness (SegWit) to meet the demand for significantly more transaction volume per block.

Compared to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash offers significantly faster processing times with significantly lower transaction fees.

Why Bitcoin Cash?
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is much younger than Bitcoin, but it is also the first „direct“ hard fork on the Bitcoin block chain. Both were therefore based on the identical code until the division described above. But Bitcoin Cash (BTC) offers through the aforementioned advantages a very good perspective to establish itself further in the markets and above all for the use. BCH has only been around for almost exactly half a year. These 26 weeks were already very interesting for the Bitcoin Cash owners of the first hour to look at. The highs were just before Christmas, shortly before $4,000 per BCH, but then also moved downwards again in the wake of the turn of the year.

Buy Bitcoin Cash* is a Bitcoin Broker based in Austria and offers various payment options for easy purchase of the most established crypto currencies. Bitpanda currently offers BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC, BCH and XRP at constantly updated prices. However, it should be noted that the fees are always included in the price of the purchase. BitPanda, like some of the reputable brokers, offers several forms of user verification, which are summarized in the following table:

Verify at Bitpanda
Limits for verification at Bitpanda | Image via, status 01/2018

Bitpanda Background
Bitpanda is based in Austria under this Company and has been established in the crypto trade since 2014. Compared to the very large global crypto brokers, Bitpanda must also be credited for carefully checking and analyzing new forks or the inclusion of new currencies such as Ripple in trading (More information on Bitpanda).


Become a panda | Register with Bitpanda
So if you are considering registering with Bitpanda* to purchase crypto currencies, you should be an EU citizen, have an email address, and have a smartphone with Google Authenticator available for two-factor authentication, depending on your plans. If you want to reach the Gold status, you also need a valid photo ID, which you simply photograph with your webcam and send to the company based in Austria.

The menu navigation is very simple and purposefully designed and tailored to the international trade with crypto currencies. Furthermore, Bitpanda is constantly expanding the currencies on offer, placing apparent value on solid currencies that are established in the markets.

Step 1: Register and set password
Registration with valid email address (and strong password of the email account):

Register with Bitpanda: email

Afterwards you will receive an email for verification to the given email address. This means that you finally open the link contained in it and can then also define your personal password for the Bitpanda login yourself. Please choose a password which you do not have in use with any other web service.

Step 2: Buy Bitcoin Cash
After you have set a solid password, you should first generate the wallets of the crypto currencies you wish to purchase from Bitpanda.

To create a Bitcoin Cash Wallet navigate to the corresponding tab after logging in and click the button „Create deposit address“ as shown in the screenshot below.

Afterwards you can easily secure the desired share of Bitcoin Cash via the „Buy Dialog“ of the website. If you decide to purchase, please have the details of the payment method you wish to use ready. The purchase should be completed within ten minutes. Otherwise the transaction will not be concluded.

Below the „Buy Dialog“ with the payment methods as Panda Starter:

Once the transaction has been completed or the voucher has been redeemed, the transaction is complete and you should see the desired amount of Bitcoin Cash in your personal wallet. In addition, you will receive an email about the entire process, which you should ideally also print out as a PDF and send to us for the purpose of sp

Bitcoin, Tron, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum price analysis

The bitcoin price is trading in a descending channel on the 1-hour chart.
Bitcoin price is at the lower end of a range, so far the floor has not been breached at $6,500
Technical indicators Signals
The 100 SMA is below the longer-term 200 SMA to indicate that the path of least resistance is downwards. The sales pressure could therefore not yet be over. The BTC is floating in a bearish channel on the 1-hour chart with a resistance at $7,300, the yellow highlighted area being the range in which the bitcoin price has been floating since May 23. Previously, the price was close to the resistance level of $7,800, but could not overcome this important hurdle, so that a slump was foreseeable. A low was formed at $6,602, so the most important support level continued to hold steady at $6,500. The $6,500 level has already held several times in 2018 as an important support zone (February 6, 2018 / March 30, 2018 / April 6, 2018).

Bitcoin Chart from TradingView

Bitcoin Price Analysis

The RSI is currently at 51 and reflects a relatively balanced relationship between buyer and seller. The MACD is rising towards a neutral zone and recovering from the rapid fall in the share price. Both oscillators show that buyers are not yet exhausted and could push the price further towards $7,000. It is important to monitor the Bitcoin price within the range. If Bitcoin breaches the support level at $6,500, then a price loss towards $5,800 is quite possible. On the other hand, the $7,800 resistance for weeks has been preventing another outbreak of bitcoin prices.

Tron Price Highlights

The Tron price has formed lower highs and lows and the price is in a descending channel
Tron could resume its downward trend
Technical indicators Signals


The 100 SMA is below the longer-term 200 SMA to confirm that the path of least resistance is down. This suggests that the sellout will resume rather than reverse. The RSI is on the rise to signal that sellers are taking a break and buyers are taking over. The Stochastic Oscillator behaves similar to the RSI and shows an upward dynamic of the buyers. It is important to keep an eye on the descending channel. The highest support level is $0.04, while the resistance is $0.06.

Tron Chart from TradingView


market factors
Tron is still waiting for further updates on the Mainnet launch and the investors seem nervous at the moment. The big media reports about the CoinRail hack and that it should be responsible for the price drop. However, compared to larger crypto exchanges, the stock exchange had almost no volume, so that the hack could not cause such damage. Read more in this article.

Ethereum Prize Highlights
The Ether price is currently correcting after a sharp decline
The bearish trend line that was highlighted yesterday with a resistance of $545 on the hourly chart remains intact.
ETH could continue to move towards resistance levels of $540 and $545 in the near future
The Ethereum price is currently recovering against the US dollar and bitcoin. ETH will probably face sellers near the $540-545 zone.

Technical indicators Signals
After a sharp decline, the ETH Prize found support at the $500 mark. The price was traded to $503.04 before finding short-term support. As a result, the price began an upward correction and is currently traded above $530. However, there are many barriers on the upside near the $540 mark. More importantly, the bearish trend line that was highlighted yesterday has a resistance of $545 on the intact hourly chart.

Ethereum Chart from TradingView

Ethereum price analysis
Looking at the chart, the price is showing signs of recovery above $510. However, the current rally could be confronted with strong selling interest close to $560. On the other hand, a break below the $500 level could accelerate the short-term fall towards $450. The MACD is slowly moving into the bullish zone. The RSI continues to move up and exceeds the 50 mark. The highest level of support is currently $500, while the widget